ALP 521

The ALP® 521 Pump continues the ALP tradition of being considered the quietest, most durable and reliable pump available on the market. 

The ALP® System is the only IPC product with a single pump operating at one pressure setting for all garment modalities (calf, thigh, and foot) 

The ALP® System also provides the most clinically proven and patient/nursing compliant intermittent pneumatic compression product on the market with the trademarked Uninterrupted, Continuous Sequential Fill™ creating our additionally trademarked Rapid, Wavelike Compression Cycle™.

•  Smaller streamlined case
•  No preventive maintenance required
•  IPX3 rating for cleaning
•  High and low pressure alarms
•  12.5 foot easily replaceable external electrical cord with built-in strain relief
•  Module design for ease of repair
•  Rounded and smooth gradual radius corners for ease of cleaning
•  Hi- tech plastic case for durability
•  Total weight = 6.5 pounds
•  Indestructible brass elbows for tube connection
•  Tubing and electrical cord wrap around perimeter of pump for easy storage
•  Tubing strap is cleanable and can be decontaminated
•  Flat top design allows for stacking in storage room
•  Durable fold away bed hooks fits all beds on the market
•  Protective bumper and handle for carrying multiple pumps
•  LCD patient hour meter. Reset by depressing tactile button for 3 seconds
•  Total Operational hour meter to track total device operation hours for biomed
•  Single limb option is automatic after disconnection of tube from pump
•  NFC tag under top label for immediate access to CMS website with Android phone
•  QR code on top label for immediate access to CMS website with iPhone or Android


CLICK HERE to view the ALP 521 informational video.